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We usually do our tiles ourselves and haven’t called any contractors for quite a few years now. Our kitchen tiles were looking a little glum, and no amount of cleaning helped.

And we finally decided to get the help of some professionals. Many of our friends have told us that many tile stores do not offer installation services. So when we decided to get new floor and wall tiles for our kitchen, we thought we would have to call the team for installation separately.

We decided to go tile hunting, and the Keysborough showroom of Joshua Tiles was the first stop coincidentally. One of the staff from the showroom welcomed us and asked us what we were looking for. He then took us to the kitchen tiles section and asked us for our requirements and specifications. We told him what kind of tiles we were looking for, and he took the liberty of explaining about each different tile they have and what would best suit our kitchen and needs.

Not to mention, we were extremely excited when he said that they also do tile installation services because that meant we didn’t have to search for tile installation experts separately.

By the time we returned home, we had an approximate date they would start the work. This helped us be prepared with the alternatives while the kitchen floor and wall tiles were dry. Within a few days, the team started the work, and now our kitchen looks gorgeous.

It looks almost as if the whole kitchen was renovated, while it’s just the wall and floor tiles that have been changed. This was the most smooth and stress–free tile installation we’ve ever done, and we would recommend Joshua Tiles to anyone looking for high-quality kitchen tiles in Melbourne.

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