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If you're regularly torn between vinyl and laminate flooring, we have a recommendation for you - hybrid flooring. It effectively combines vinyl’s best qualities with some of laminate’s preferable ones. Moreover, this type of flooring has a rigid and environmentally friendly core that makes it resistant to extreme temperatures and water.

While there is an acoustic backing beneath the core, there are 3 functional layers on top of it - a decorative layer, a clear wear layer, and the surface treatment. Ultimately, hybrid flooring is beautiful, functional, and durable. Our hybrid flooring Yarra Glen fitters will help you to select the right floorings and install for you with affordable prices.

Flooring Yarra Glen

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If you are still uncertain about whether to get hybrid flooring, here are a few reasons to go this route.

Benefits of hybrid flooring

  • It is durable and fade-resistant
  • Since it can be installed on top of preexisting flooring, it’s installation is quite affordable
  • Maintaining this type of flooring is easy because it is easy to clean and doesn’t trap dirt
  • Because of the acoustic backing most of these floors have, they mute sounds without compromising on comfort
  • All of our hybrid floors come with a warranty

Want to know how much timber flooring you will need? You can type in the measurements of your rooms into the Timber Flooring Calculator.

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Suburb: Yarra Glen

Yarra Glen is a scenic town located on the Yarra River, north of Lilydale and west of Healesville. The attractive tree-lined commercial centre of Yarra Glen along Bell Street includes the prominent landmark of the Grand Hotel which built in 1888. Further north along Bell Street is the Yarra Glen Shopping Centre which overlooks parkland and lakes near Pinoak Drive.

A recreation reserve is located along the northern bank of the Yarra River, including the town's showgrounds, sports ovals and picnic areas, and is particularly attractive in autumn.

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