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If there’s one belief that is the foundation of our business, it has to be that high-quality work speaks for itself. As such, we always seek to provide over and above what our clients need. As far as we are concerned, we are not competing with other tiling stores – we’re competing with the client’s dream service.

That’s why we always ask a lot of questions and consult extensively with our clients throughout the project, especially when it is a big one. So when a client approached us to redo the tiling for their whole house, we knew we had our work cut out for us and quickly swung into action.

We asked them about their preferences and let them know all the latest trends in the tiling industry, guiding them through the pros and cons of each available option. We were also clear on how much it would cost to implement different options, allowing them to make an informed decision within their budget. As such, by the time they settled on a tiling option they were as sure as they could be.

And when we finally started the project, we involved them every step of the way, regularly providing updates and addressing their concerns. Where it was necessary, we adjusted designs and approaches to meet and even surpass their expectations. Ultimately, the result was highly personalized to them, and they loved it. They still refer their family and friends to us to this day, and we’re over the moon about it.

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