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Contacted Joshua Tiles after hearing from an acquaintance and I do not regret it at all!!

I got in touch with their manager Gary (a nice chap to talk to) and explained all my requirements of renovating my kitchen in order to choose the wall tiles, flooring and kitchen sinks and taps. He arranged a consultation for me soon after. From then on everything else was done faster than I expected.

At the time of getting in touch with them, all I knew was I wanted to redo my kitchen to something with ample storage space and working space. I’m also a person who has quite a lot of friends over, and we spent most of our time cooking or in the kitchen. So having a spacious kitchen was like the top of my list. Budget wasn’t really a constraint for me as I was willing to spend as much as it takes to get the kitchen transformed into a perfect working space.

Of course, they could have used this situation to their advantage, but they were extremely professional and sharp. The design team sat with me and worked out a plan that accommodated all my requirements and more, for a price that I wouldn’t even have imagined. Needless to say, I can probably take a vacation to someplace nice with the money I saved!

They explained the pros and cons of each type of flooring, choosing the perfect walls, and how I can utilise that space to my advantage and helped me decide the best options for the kitchen without rushing me or making me anxious.

Every question and doubt that I had was answered in a timely manner and they also made sure I was satisfied and happy after each step of the renovation.

What’s the best thing? The completed kitchens come with a guarantee. Isn’t that the best thing ever? I would  100% recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a tiles and kitchen accessories in the Melbourne area.

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