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Tiles Notting Hill

Looking for top quality tiles in Notting Hill, you can get in touch with the experts at Joshua Tiles Notting Hill today. We’re a professional tiling service provider in Melbourne with over a decade of experiences. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of workmanship and professionalism. As a top quality tile supplier, we’re highly experienced with residential and commercial tiling. We work with a variety of premium tiles including Timber Looking Tiles, Concrete Looking Tiles, Terrazzo Tiles, Mosaic Tiles, stones (granite, marble, limestone) and a variety of other pavers. All of our work is guaranteed quality. Joshua Tiles Notting Hill will satisfy our valued clients by ensuring all our work meets the required standards.

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Tiles Notting Hill

Tiles Installation in Notting Hill

Joshua Tiles Notting Hill can offer you professional tiling services in Notting Hill. Our professional tile fitter will replace your old tiles with the new with minimal inconvenience. We provide you with fast and trustworthy alternatives to tiling your house. Our experts will guarantee your satisfaction with their services.

Professional Notting Hill Tilers

Our installation team will bring along all the necessary equipment for the smooth completion of the project. From the biggest pieces of equipment down to the tools needed for the finest details, we’ve got it all. In addition, the professional tilers will be more than happy to lend a hand with tiling opinions.

All of the work involved will be taken care of with speed and with caution by our experts. After the tiling is done, we’ll clean up so you can use the new tiled area right afterwards.

Want to know how many tiles you will need? You can type in the measurements of your rooms into the Tiles Calculator.

Looking for tiles and tilers in Notting Hill?

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Notting Hill

Monash University students will know Notting Hill as a small suburb near the Clayton campus. The suburb ranks well for retail due to its proximity to nearby Brandon Park and the level of employment in this sector. Cafes are also a strength. Notting Hill ranks poorly for access to trains, schools and congestion, and it ranks fifth lowest for open space in the city.

Notting Hill is located 19 km south-east of the CBD, a small mixed-use suburb.

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