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In recent year bamboo flooring has become a popular option among many home builders. It holds a beautiful finish, and adds a unique element to any room. Many people who are attempting to reduce their carbon footprint have also taken a shine to bamboo flooring as it is easily biodegradable.

One of the biggest attractions of bamboo flooring in this eco-conscious age is the biodegradability. Between its rapid growth, and the fact that it break down easily after being replaced, it is often seen as a better alternative to destroying trees that take hundred years to grow.

While the actual softness of the flooring will be determined by the way in which the wood has been processed it will never have the same durability as a hard wood, such as oak, and bamboo can be harder to take care of than a traditional hard wood floor. A good way to test the durability of a specific type of bamboo floor is to press a penny, or fingernail into the wood, and see how easily it dents or scratches.


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There are two major kinds of bamboo flooring on the market. Engineered bamboo, and stranded bamboo. Engineered bamboo is is not one hundred percent bamboo, but it much more durable that true bamboo. It also offers better moisture resistance that true bamboo, which will prevent it from warping and buckling even in very damp climates.

Stranded bamboo is made with fibers of bamboo which have been shredded. The shredded fibers are then mixed with an adhesive, and pressure is applied to make the bamboo flooring sheets. This type of bamboo flooring is the most durable, however, because of the high density of the wood it is very difficult to install correctly.

Bamboo Flooring Melbourne