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What is Engineered Flooring

What if we were to tell you there is a better, water-resistant, durable and cost-effective option than hardwood, which looks exactly like hardwood?

Engineered flooring consists of a non-hardwood base and a top layer of hardwood to replicate its look and feel, but at a more affordable price. The base can be anything – plywood, composite product or something else, but the top layer would always remain natural wood.

Unlike hardwood, engineered wood flooring can be installed even in basements and on a variety of surfaces such as plywood or concrete. They are also easy to install, and you can even do them DIY if you want.

Types of Engineered Flooring

 As there are many layers to engineered wood, they come in a few different constructions.

  • 2 Ply has two layers of wood
  • 3 Ply has three layers of wood
  • And so on

When choosing your engineered wood flooring, make sure to figure out what the layers are made of. The top layer will always be real wood, but it’s the bottom one you should focus on.

The applications and uses of engineered wood will depend on what the layers are made of.

Advantages of Choosing Engineered Flooring

  1. Engineered wood floors are easy to install. You don’t need to have the professional knowledge to get these installed in your homes.
  2. Wood planks have more natural patterns on them. Laminate flooring, since the top layer uses a photographic image, might have repetitive patterns which might look fake. Engineered wood, as it uses a real wood top layer, has unique patterns on every plank, giving it a more realistic appeal.
  3. Depending on the base of the flooring, engineered wood can be moisture-resistant or sometimes even 100% waterproof, which increases the durability.
  4. As they are moisture-resistant, they can be installed anywhere in your home, including bathrooms, basements, kitchens or other areas.

Disadvantages of Engineered Flooring 

  • Even though engineered wood flooring is said to be cost-effective compared to hardwood, it can still be pricey.
  • Engineered wood flooring can fade its color if exposed to sunlight for a long time or generally over time.
  • Before installing the engineered wood flooring, the planks should be acclimatised to your home settings. This means it should be stored somewhere in your home to get used to your home. They should be stored in not too damp, low-moisture areas near your home.
  • Engineered wood flooring is high-maintenance. Any spills need to be cleaned and wiped off quickly, or they might leave some stains. They cannot also be steam cleaned as the steam could get in between the planks, leading to damage over time.
Engineered Flooring Melbourne
Engineered Flooring Melbourne

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If you are looking for cost-effective hardwood alternatives for your home, engineered flooring is your best bet.  Getting high-quality engineered hardwood flooring in Melbourne can sound like a daunting task. But with Joshua Tiles, you don’t have to worry about a single thing. Tell us your requirements, style and color choices, and we will get the perfect engineered hardwood flooring installed in your home. Want to know more? Give us a call today to speak to our professionals.

Engineered Flooring Melbourne