Akril Tile Tray, manufactured from Torbex©, is a self draining shower base system with a built-in fall. This system offers a high quality package for quick and easy installation with watermark certification meeting Australian standards on all outlets. It can also be installed directly onto joists due to it having a built in fall. This is an affordable base for all showers and bathrooms.
Not only are these Tile Over Shower Trays ideal for tight spaces, due to their pre-formed design, but they are also a great feature in more elaborate bathroom design projects.
What is Torbex©
Torbex© is a high strength long glass fibre composite material designed and developed specifically for use in shower tray and base.

  • Structural & self supporting
  • Can be installed directly onto Joists
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Does not require waterproofing
  • Built in fall for drainage
  • Waterproof tray system that wont leak
  • Multiple waste & grate options available
  • 15 Year Guarantee
  • Watermark certification
  • Manufactured using Torbex©
  • Sanitary grade suitable for all wet areas


900mmX900mm Rear Outlet

1200x900 Rear Outlet