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If you’ve ever sold anything in your life, you know that people tend to buy from people they like, trust, and who treat them well. That’s why professionalism is such an important thing to have when running a business- it can make or break you. Knowing this, Joshua Tiles & Flooring Melbourne always aim to conduct ourselves with the utmost professionalism.

From the moment you come into one of our stores to the moment you no longer need our services, we aim to interact with integrity, honesty, and friendliness. Even when we were just starting our business and got our first client, these were already the values we had chosen to embody.

Since the client wanted help renovating the flooring of several rooms, Joshua Tiles & Flooring Melbourne wanted to be systematic in our approach so that we got everything just right. First of all, we started with helping them choose the type of flooring they wanted for each room, patiently explaining to them how each would or would not be a fit for different parts of the home.

After that, we provided a detailed quotation with all the costs – we have a strict no hidden costs policy. And once the client gave us the go-ahead, we quickly drafted a schedule with what is supposed to be done each day and by who then sent it to them. This made it easier for the client to not only plan but also keep track of the project progress.

Ultimately, we not only provided the client with beautiful flooring but also a pleasant experience. And in these stressful times, what more could anyone ask for?

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