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Contrary to popular opinion, your relationship with your clients doesn’t end after you close a sale. In fact, having a good after-sales offering increases the chances of your clients coming back. That’s why our entire team is trained in after-sales.

So once a client buys tiles from us or gets an installation done by us, we immediately add them to our database and ensure that they have a warranty for their products. This way, if they find that our products and services don’t measure up to their standards, they can easily get issues solved. It also keeps a clear channel of communication between us and our clients. Ultimately, this maintains the goodwill between us and our clients.

Another thing we offer our past clients is exclusive deals on new products. So when we get our first shipment of a cool new tile design, they’re the first to learn about it. And if they decide that they want to install any of our tiles by themselves, we can even throw in an instruction guide or video. Also, when we’re thinking of launching a new product line or service, we usually ask our former clients whether they would be interested in them and why. This gives us a deeper understanding of our clients and helps us provide exactly what they want.

Beyond that, we usually send our previous clients feedback surveys so that they can tell us what they like and dislike about our current products and services. Sometimes, we even ask them whether their opinions of our products have changed with time and use. Ultimately, we have developed our after-sales services around our clients’ needs. It’s therefore not surprising that our clients keep buying from us again and again. Some even go as far as recommending their friends and family members to us.

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