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Joshua Tiles Guides Our Kitchen Tile Selection for a Seamless Renovation

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Starting on a kitchen renovation venture is a significant undertaking, often accompanied by numerous decisions. Having undergone multiple kitchen remodels, our recent experience with Joshua Tiles stands out as the least stressful and most rewarding.


Discovering Joshua Tiles:

Our adventure with Joshua Tiles began with a colleague’s recommendation, proving to be a pivotal moment in our kitchen renovation planning. The expertise offered by Joshua Tiles became the cornerstone of our project.


Expert Guidance in Tile Selection:

During the initial quote phase, Joshua Tiles and their knowledgeable team provided invaluable insights into choosing the right kitchen tiles. Their thorough explanation of tile options’ pros and cons empowered us to make informed decisions.


Efficiency and Professionalism:

What set Joshua Tiles apart was the efficiency and professionalism demonstrated by their team throughout the renovation process. From tidy trades to cost-effective advice, every aspect of their service contributed to a seamless experience.


Innovative Hybrid Vinyl Flooring:

Joshua Tiles recommended hybrid vinyl flooring, which proved to be a game-changer for our kitchen. The communication from their customer service team was exceptional, providing regular updates and eliminating the need for us to chase information.


Illuminating Design Choices:

The inclusion of lights underneath the wall units, suggested during the design stage, became a highlight of our renovation. Colored images provided by the designer played a crucial role in helping us visualize plans and make impactful choices.


Recommendation and Trust:

If you’re in search of kitchen tiles in Melbourne, Joshua Tiles is the name to trust. Their extensive selection and professional advice make them the go-to choice for all tile-related needs. We wholeheartedly recommend Joshua Tiles to anyone starting a kitchen renovation venture.


In conclusion, Joshua Tiles not only guided us through the maze of kitchen tile choices but also provided comfort in what could have been a challenging process. Their unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes them a guiding light in the world of kitchen renovations. For all your kitchen tile installation needs in Melbourne, contact Joshua Tiles today. Visit their showrooms in Melbourne Keysborough and Kilsyth or give them a call at 03 9701 5569 / 9761 7119. Your path to a stunning kitchen begins with Joshua Tiles.

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